JoNarnia Photography / I'm 22 with a deep passion for photography. Shooting pictures with nothing fancy, just a camera and a tripod with the major part, the love for the art. I like to take pictures of everything! From people to animals to objects to nature! :) Please enjoy my photo-blog
Bokeh <3 Tagged: Bokeh  Christmas Tree  Christmas  Christmas Lights  Bokeh Hearts  Heart  Hearts  Bokeh Circle  Circle  Cirlces  December  In my house  JoNarnia Photography  photography  Fun  Lights  Love  Fun   Notes: 12
Newly Weds Tagged: Bride  College sweethearts  Groom  Just married  Married  White dress  black and white  couple  newly weds  reception  tuxedo  wedding band  wedding ring  bokeh  JoNarnia Photography   Notes: 21
1st Cav Cake Tagged: Military  1st cavalry  army  photography  photos  cake  pastry  Dessert  Sweets  Yellow  vanilla  chocolate  fun  pictures  JoNarnia Photography   Notes: 14
Homecoming Tagged: homecoming  troops return back home  ft. hood  texas  1st cavalry  army  photography  photos  pictures  seargant  military  troops  reunited  guys  men  formation   Notes: 8
Bokeh Tree Tagged: Bokeh  photography  christmas lights  christmas  san antonio  down town  Christmas tree  Christmas lights on a tree  Tree  Nature  Colorful Bokeh   Notes: 10
Tagged: church  cathedral  photography  lights  christmas lights  night time  fun  JoNarnia Photography  san antonio  down town  texas  christmas  december   Notes: 11
A collage of pictures from a mini market and food trucks on south congress avenue, Austin, Texas. Tagged: Austin  Texas  Food trucks  Collage  photography  Pictures  Cupcakes  Hey Cupcake  Guitarist  Guitar  jewelry  Purse   Notes: 9
Hide & Seek Tagged: Dog  Dogs  Yorkie  Yorkshire Terrier  Puppy  Playing  yard  grass  hide and seek  outside   Notes: 3
Together Forever* Tagged: Weddings  Marriage  Church  Couples  Husband and Wife  Newly Weds  photography  Fun   Notes: 3
Cross of Caps Tagged: Cross made of bottle caps  Cross  Caps  Austin Texas  Lake  Fun  photography   Notes: 3
Hello…… Kitty Tagged: Hello Kitty  Earrings  Jewelry  photography   Notes: 7
Sunset….. Boulevard Tagged: sunset  fun  photography  world  sun  swag   Notes: 12